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Not your ordinary rheumatologist’s office.

Rheum to Grow is a concierge medical practice that helps patients optimize their health & achieve disease remission using the best of traditional and complementary medicine.

Dr. Saimun Singla

Meet Dr.

Your bridge between conventional and complementary medicine.

Dr. Saimun Singla is a triple board-certified physician in general pediatrics, pediatric rheumatology, and integrative medicine. She is the only pediatric sub-specialist in Houston with this level of training and unique expertise.


Through her own journey with rheumatoid arthritis, she's learned the power of using both Western & Eastern therapies to reach remission, control symptoms, and manage flares. She's passionate about applying and teaching these modalities to her patients as well. 

 Dr. Saimun Singla


What Makes Us


In contrast to traditional medical practices where the primary focus is often on managing sick symptoms, Dr. Singla uses an integrative approach to treat children and adults with chronic conditions. This means tending to each person's short and long-term needs by incorporating conventional therapies as well as complementary practices, all based in evidence.


In addition to the use of labs, imaging, medications, and procedures, we address various factors that affect ones health—the often-overlooked areas that can aggravate or alleviate chronic illness. These include their dietary patterns, exercise, sleep, stress, environment, emotional/self-regulatory abilities, resilience, and social support. We not only optimize acute disease management, but also chronic. 

Currently Accepting New Patients

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Rheum to Grow

was created for

Parents who want a more holistic yet evidence-based  approach to their child's chronic condition. 

Adults who want to add lifestyle focused and holistic interventions to supplement their current rheumatology care. 

Patients and families who are committed to lending their knowledge and learning from others to level up their health. 

With the Rheum to Grow Approach, You Heal  

Mind, Body, & Spirit

It doesn't have to be Western vs. Eastern.

At Rheum to Grow, we use the best of both worlds to put you on your healing journey. If you are looking for answers or relief from an autoimmune or chronic condition, we can help. 

This holistic and science-based approach is simple, the results powerful. 

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Traditional Medicine


Educated by the best pediatric rheumatologists in the country, clinical excellence is at the core of my methodology. This includes applying the latest and greatest data-driven science and medicine to diagnose and treat underlying pathology.


By listening to your story, I create a personalized treatment plan that also takes your concerns into account.

Chronic Joint Pain In Kids

Complementary Medicine


As a patient who’s had a bumpy and long road to arthritis remission, I have experienced the healing power of blending traditional (or Western) medicine with complementary (or Eastern) practices.


By utilizing the best of both worlds, I help you put your disease in remission to achieve better physical, mental, and emotional outcomes. With this process, you learn how to become proactive in your medical care and resilient in the face of chronic illness.

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Concierge Patient Care


This is not your regular doctor’s office. Our direct care or concierge model allows for more 1:1 time with patients and a level of accessibility that is unmatched by my peers in the field. Being out-of-network with insurance companies allows more time to focus on your healing and ensures a deeper, more personalized level of care.


Unlike larger institutions, appointments are typically scheduled within days to weeks (not months), and all calls, texts, and emails are answered by me or my trusted team members within hours.


While we are a concierge practice, you can still use your out-of-network insurance benefits. Insurance (including Medicaid) can also be utilized for labs, medications, imaging, and referrals.

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