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Rhonda Bates-Crowder


Meet Rhonda

RN, BSN Pediatric Nurse

As a pediatric nurse with over 23 years of experience, I learned years ago that 99% of the pediatric population is much smarter, adept, and willing to learn than we give them credit for. They are resilient, quick witted and determined to be heard and appreciated. This is why patient and family centered education is key to my job as a nurse. 

I strive to provide a safe, age-appropriate environment where families and patients are empowered and supported through verbal and written feedback, hands on learning, and practical educational models. I encourage patients to actively participate in the healthcare process and advocate for self, to listen to their bodies and ask questions, to think through the process and be honest about their willingness to be compliant, to seek positive outcomes, and most importantly, ask for help and guidance when needed! I believe this process helps patients get involved and ultimately help in the healing of their mind, body, and spirit. 


In addition to a being a nurse, I am an advanced practitioner of both traditional Reiki (Level 1& 2) and Angelic Reiki (Level 1& 2). Through this energy therapy practice, I have helped many reduce their anxiety and stress, increase relaxation, and promote self-healing. I am honored to offer this as an assistive modality within traditional medicine while continuing my education and practice. 

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Prairie View A& M University 

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