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Meet Rachel

Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor

I am a registered and Board-Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor. Over the last 10 I have worked extensively with at-risk youth, children and adults living with PTSD, anxiety, depression, life transitions, LGBTQ+, domestic violence, mass terrorism, sexual assault, and family conflict. Before moving to Houston, I worked for a non-profit in Newtown, CT servicing families, first responders, survivors of, or injured from the Sandy Hook School shooting. During my time in CT I was also trained in Brainspotting, a brain based technique to help unprocessed trauma through eye positions that locate affected areas of the brain.

Utilizing a less invasive modality such as art allows me to support clients who are challenged with both medical and mental health issues and may be impacted emotionally, cognitively, or sensorimotor. When deciding whether Art Therapy is right for the individual, it is important to understand that you do not have to be an artist or have any experience. I use many different mediums which allows me to create a unique experience for each individual. There are no requirements to art therapy other than allowing yourself to surrender to the creative process which promotes self-awareness and healing. Being a holistic practitioner, I believe in the integration of mind, body, spirit as part of the whole. No matter where an individual is in their journey of illness, acknowledging the emotional and physical discomfort is a huge step towards resilience and recovery.

For more of Brainspotting please visit: Rachel Black, MAAT, LPC, ATR-BC Board Certified Art Therapist Licensed Professional Counselor

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